Getting Messy To Get Clean - S5 Nourish Cleanser

You know those bad relationships we sometimes find ourselves in? In the beginning everything's fresh and new, you're all loved-up and willing to overlook the other person's obvious flaws. Then gradually the cracks start to appear and no matter how hard you try to convince yourself that things will get better if you just give it enough time, you know somewhere deep down inside that it's a lost cause and you should just cut your losses and move on. That's how I feel about this cleanser. Harsh, perhaps, but true. 

Oh how I wanted to love S5 Nourish Cleanser, not just because of the small fortune I shelled out on it (£32 - that's pounds, people. I shudder to think of what that works out as in Euro). But also because I've spent the better part of a decade searching for a cleanser that does just two things: 1. Removes all traces of make-up, including but not limited to waterproof mascara And 2. Does not break me out. But alas, it does not seem meant to be, for no matter how hard I try - I'm still trying in fact, 200ml is a surprising amount of product to get through - I just can't seem to get my head around this cleanser.

While it does seem to fulfil the second part of the brief - I neither experienced a decrease nor increase in breakouts with regular use - it most certainly does not meet the first. The only way this cleanser leaves my face feeling/looking properly clean is if I give it a good going-over with my Konjac sponge. Used alone and I might as well be splashing water on my face because it just moves my make-up around. Consistency-wise, it's thick, sticky and gloopy, rather like honey, and upon contact with water it turns into a milk.

The funny thing is, I didn't set out to make this review quite so negative and there are actually days when I quite enjoy using this cleanser - in conjunction with my Konjac sponge, of course - it's just that when a product makes the rather bold claim of being able to remove not just makeup but heavy makeup, well then call me irrational, but that's just what I expect it to do. However as I raise my head from the sink and peer groggily at the mirror, I'm consisently disappointed to find zoo-worthy panda eyes staring back at me. While I personally was quite happy with the ingredients list, I do wonder if the fragrance - strong enough to bring a tear to the more sensitive-eyed among us - might bother some. My biggest peeves are that the bottle leaks, now matter how/where I stand it, and that if I get this stuff anywhere near my eyes, it irritates the hell out of them.

If I'm being very honest (when am I anything else?), this is one of those products I'm just going to use up because I really, really hate waste. I'm currently less than halfway through the bottle but I'm determined to finish it before I allow myself to even look at another cleanser. Overall I would say the S5 Nourish Cleanser is perfectly fine for those intending to do a double cleanse but it's just not what I, being short on both time and patience, am looking for. Woe is me and my bank balance.

A surprising update: My mother loves this!

  1. What a shame it didn't work for you. I really liked this x

  2. Oh that's good to know; I did think this might be a nice cleanser for someone else - just no one in my household unfortunately! x