All About That Base - Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation

For just a few minutes every morning, I get to pretend that I have perfect skin. And as anyone who has ever suffered with acne knows, you can't put a price on that. This foundation is life-changing. Do you hear that? It will change your life. And trust me, I don't make such a statement lightly. Look at that for packaging. I mean, just look at it. Could it be any more beautiful? If you read that in Chandler Bing's voice, it'll be our little secret. Everything about this product whispers luxury; it doesn't have to scream, it's far too classy for that.

Once you've gotten past its bold red exterior (I have to admit it took me a minute, I gingerly lifted the lid as if I was unveiling a piece of expensive jewellery, which in a manner of speaking, I suppose I was) inside lies a gleaming silver compact which is, get this, refillable. So for those of you currently balking at the price, rest assured you only have to fork out such a hefty amount once because after that you'll just be paying for the very reasonably priced refills. I got mine in Content for £49 and last time I checked, the refills were £29, which, let's face it, is what you'd pay for most non-drugstore foundations these days.

The surprisingly weighty compact is a joy to behold and hold and having had it knocked around my bedroom more than once by mischievous felines, I can indeed confirm its sturdiness! It has a delightful swivel mechanism which means less time faffing about with lids.

Now on to the creamy goodness that lies inside. Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation is buttery-soft, melting right into your skin and leaving behind a semi-matte finish. On less oily days, I don't even bother following up with a powder. So many foundations these days describe themselves as being "buildable" but this one actually lives up to its claims. On days off I've used the bare minimum, just enough to even out my skin tone and hide any major redness, and on work days I lay it on a bit thicker to give me the medium coverage I so desperately need under the harsh fluorescent lighting of a classroom. I've even worn this on nights out and it has held up surprisingly well under the flash of a camera.

Having read the online recommendations, I was sure I was going to be the shade "Illusion" but thankfully one of the Content Beauty girls set me straight and told me I was in fact far more closely matched to "Paper Thin".

As for application, I tried using my Real Techniques Buffing Brush and my Beautyblender but neither were as effective as my fingers. The foundation warms up nicely on contact with my skin and allows me to smooth it across my face, blending and patting into place as I go, and there isn't any strong scent which can sometimes be a bit off-putting. While it covers blemishes nicely, it's a little too heavy for under my eyes but I guess that's what concealer is for.

The result is a flawless, streak-free finish with no tell-tale tidemarks. I never really got the whole "Your Skin But Better" claims until I got my hands on this and even my sister - who is really not known for her diplomacy - agrees. And remarkably enough, it doesn't just slide off your face halfway through the day. Nope, it's still there when I get home from work.

I'd recommend this to anyone with oily or combination skin (like moi) but I'd be hesitant to splash out if my skin was any drier. If I skimp at all on prep i.e. fail to thoroughly cleanse, tone and moisturise, I do notice it has a tendency to cling to dry patches on my cheeks or around my nose. I suppose that's the trade-off of using a cream, as opposed to a liquid, foundation. And for anyone who may be troubled by the fact that coconut oil is pretty high up on the ingredients list, don't be. I, too, break out whenever I use this much-lauded oil on my face/hair but for some reason, after several months of using this foundation, my skin has never looked better.

Everything about this product makes me feel like a movie-star when I use it and for that reason (and the many more mentioned above) I hereby dub Kjaer Weis my Holy Grail Foundation. Let the bowing begin.

  1. I haven't buy this foundation yet because the formulation contain coconut oil and i try to avoid for my skin. BUT with this kind of review.. humm I'm tempted to try!! Great post :) xx

    1. Aw thanks Julie! I have to admit, I was pretty nervous when I realised that coconut oil was such a key ingredient but I needn't have worried - we're a match made in foundation heaven! X

  2. Kjaer Weis is such a lovely brand! And awesome song reference.

    1. It is, isn't it? Can't wait to try more. And thanks for noticing the reference! Love that song :)