Perfectly Content - The Haul Overall

These days the majority of my skincare and cosmetics are bought online so it's a rare treat when I can walk into a store and buy something straight off the shelf. On my most recent trip to London (makes it sound like I go there all the time, doesn't it?) I managed to squeeze in a quick trip to every natural beauty lover's haven: Content. Despite the fact that it was a Saturday afternoon and there were women of all ages lining up to sample and spend, the lovely Magda lent me her expertise in selecting a number of daily essentials. I felt like a kid in a candy store - an expression I'd never really understood until that very moment! My visit happened to coincide with Organic Beauty Week which might have accounted for the steady stream of shoppers in and out of this treasure trove of all things natural and organic.

I headed into Content with the intention of picking up a new cleanser, new foundation, new concealer, body brush, and my second bar of a certain soap, and that is exactly what I left with. For some reason (probably because it was proving awkward to fit in the photograph) the Hydrea London Natural Body Brush I picked up isn't included but the rest, from left to right, are: S5 Skincare Nourish Cleanser, Soapwalla Activated Charcoal Facial and Body Soap, Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation, RMS Beauty 'Un' Powder, and RMS Beauty 'Un' Cover-Up.

I'll be giving each product its own review so do check back in if you're interested. It's safe to say I'll be making another visit to Content the next time I'm in London but first I've got some serious saving to do.